To commemorate the release of yet another cross over game. Super Robot Wars basically connects all the multiverses together.  I thought this was rather hilarious and true when I read it. For those not familiar with Super Robot Wars, it’s Japanese Tactical RPG developed by Banpresto which features mechas from almost every mecha anime made in Japan. You remember when you were young, you and your friend talk about how cool it would be if Gundam and Macross fought together. Yeah well some game developers thought the same thing and BAM Super Robot Wars. Namco X Capcom was a game that was similar to the SRW series in that it was a Tactical JRPG that used characters by Namco and Capcom such as Megaman, Morrigan, Captain Commando, and many other characters. Unfortunately this game never made it to the US and I think it was a major loss. This game crossed Tekken and Street Fighter 6 years before Street Fighter x Tekken though not in the form of a fighting game which everybody wanted.

Now everyone with this in mind and all the cross over games you can think of. Throwing canon out of the window, how about trying to see how many different game and anime multiverses you can connect together.